Salvador Lopez
David Yen

Credit: 1.25 hour

Presentation Date: September 29, 2016


*PLEASE NOTE: This powerpoint was authored by the National Consumer Law Center. Its intended use is for the training of pro bono volunteer attorneys and this material may be used only for educational purposes. See their websitefor more information.


CVLS invites you to join our new Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Program! Bankruptcy is a powerful tool that can provide a family with a much-needed fresh start. However, few people know how or when to file for bankruptcy. CVLS volunteers will advise potential clients of whether bankruptcy is appropriate and, if it is, assist them in filing for and securing their bankruptcy. A typical CVLS bankruptcy case will involve filling out and reviewing the petition and schedules, using special software on CVLS computers, attending a creditors’ meeting, and reviewing and negotiating any reaffirmation agreements.

To kick off the new program, CVLS is hosting three CLE-qualified trainings with Attorneys Salvador Lopez and David Yen. Both Sal and David have years of experience in bankruptcy and working with lower-income clients. The first training, “Analyzing the Case and Advising your Client”, covers how to assess a potential client's financial position to determine whether bankruptcy is the best option for them. Sal and David go over the basics of protected income, Illinois exemptions, and property. They also discuss the purpose of Chapter 7 bankruptcy as well as the associated benefits and risks. Attorneys who have completed the trainings will be invited to join CVLS’s new bankruptcy panel.


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