Race Judicata

September 4th, 6:30 p.m. start.

Race Judicata® 2014 is a 5K Run/Walk, benefiting Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Foundation in our mission to ensure that the law works for everyone. This is the 20th anniversary of the run and we are looking forward to making this year the biggest and best ever!

Race Judicata is now on twitter! Just use the #racejudicata hashtag to catch up on the news or to join the conversation yourself.

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Race Judicata® 2014 Results

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If you have any questions or issues with the results please contact the race timer directly by clicking here. Please note: CVLS is unable to change, modify, or correct any results ourselves. The Racer's Hub handles all modifications to the posted list. Please make all inquiries about your results using the above link.

Individual Results



Fastest Lawyer Fastest Lawyer
Dave Strubbe 16:39 Emily Savas 19:16
Overall Overall
Name Time Name Time
Jared Reynolds 16:15 Madison Smith 19:47
Kai Karlstrom 16:53 Emily Inskeep 19:55
John Hammond 17:25 Fiona Carlon 20:32
Under 20 Under 20
Joe Piatkiewicz 23:54 Sophia Laposchan 26:30
Kevin Noonan 25:54 Ruby Negrete 28:12
Alex Stomberg 26:03 Frankie Hamburger 28:40
20 thru 29 20 thru 29
Nick Vasdekas 17:51 Genevieve Binnie 20:39
Josh Bashioum 18:03 Lindsey Barker 20:51
Michael Stumpf 18:20 Kristina White 21:19
30 thru 39 30 thru 39
John Craig 17:40 Jennifer Elliot 20:42
Matthew Schmanski 18:20 Elizabeth Grammer 20:56
Ian Wolfe 18:36 Kate Middleton 21:02
40 thru 49 40 thru 49
Michael Gordon 19:18 Denise Sauriol 23:08
Mike Sauriol 19:33 Theresa King 24:17
Ken Kansa 19:58 Christie Tate 24:37
50 thru 59 50 thru 59
Louis Glaser 17:58 Gale Ferguson 23:18
Dan Marks 18:36 Cathy McCarthy 24:03
David Wigle 19:11 Sheila Duggan 25:38
60 and Over 60 and Over
Michael Roth 22:18 Susan Leith 26:42
Peter Bender 22:32 Kathi Roccanova 28:41
Stephen Moore 22:41 Grace Jewell 29:06

Team Results

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Largest Team

Grant Thornton LLP


Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
Sidley Striders Dykema US Legal Support
Team CCSAO Duane Morris LLP  
Seyfarth Shufflers SRR  


Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
Sidley Striders Dykema  
  Duane Morris LLP  
  Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP  


Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
McDermott Will & Emery Duane Morris LLP US Legal Support
Schiff Hardin Dykema Cornerstoners
Sidley Striders SEC Veritext

T-Shirt Contest Results

Top 3

Cassiday Schade LLP
Chuhak & Tecson
Franczek Radelet

Honorable Mention

Berger Schatz
Querry & Harrow

All Submitted Shirts